www.castalia-derm.com – Lavipharm’s CASTALIA went online

www.castalia-derm.com – Lavipharm’s CASTALIA went online


Modern, fresh, rich in information is the new website www.castalia-derm.com of CASTALIA LABORATOIRES DERMATOLOGIQUES.

Through its pages, CASTALIA informs visitors about its philosophy and presents its dermocosmetic lines in an easy and user friendly way. Colors play an important role in www.castalia-derm.com, since each color used is assigned to a CASTALIA line.

Moreover, visitors can be informed immediately and accurately for the nearest pharmacy from which they can buy their favorite CASTALIA dermocosmetic products. The health and beauty tips will surely excite visitors of www.castalia-derm.com, as they can be informed with a smart way on what to remember, what to choose and what to avoid, so they can always have a healthy and beautiful skin.

It should be noted that www.castalia-derm.com hosts in a special section the clinical studies performed on CASTALIA products, a tangible proof that they are dermatologically tested, specially designed to minimize the risk of allergic reactions with a scientifically proven efficacy.

The new CASTALIA site is available in three languages, Greek, English and French, thus covering the needs not only of local market, but worldwide. CASTALIA products are currently available in 13 countries.

Visit today www.castalia-derm.com and get a healthy and beautiful skin with CASTALIA dermocosmetic