Pharmacy Network

Pharmacy Network

From the mid 70’s, we are innovative in the area of the Greek pharmacy not only by offering advanced products, but also with pioneering services. In 2003, we established a new company, Pharma PLUS with a goal to offer exclusive services in the Greek pharmacies leading them to developed business units as well as model shops of health and beauty.


Pharma PLUS offers a series of services to the pharmacists, so they can overcome the constantly growing competition from the alternative channels of distribution and the fore coming entrance of pharmaceutical chains in the Greek market. It focuses on the design and implementation of practices that contribute to the reformation of the Greek pharmacy with a long run strategy and evolution. The collaboration with Pharma PLUS does not affect the ownership of the pharmacy and does not demand principal payment. Pharma PLUS, the first company in the specially designed pharmacy services market, with its know-how and well-educated and experienced human force, and always in close cooperation with the pharmacist, offers:

  • A fully operational Supply Center of parapharmaceutical products, providing to its members the most competitive prices in the market.
  • Up-to-date product database with continuous back up.
  • Constant educational and training programs.
  • Pioneer interior design proposal for common identity.
  • Category Management.
  • Business Plan.
  • Monthly reports on the pharmacy’s business status.
  • Marketing activities for the promotion of healthcare products.
  • Free Press Pharma PLUS Link magazine.
  • Pioneer electronic health & beauty card +pluscard, that rewards those who choose Pharma PLUS pharmacies for their health and beauty purchases.
  • Modernization of Pharma PLUS pharmacy into Point of Care.

Especially for the members of the network, Pharma PLUS offers an integrated software, Lavinet. This is the most comprehensive “tool” on the hands of modern pharmacists which is constantly evolving to meet the needs of organization and computerization of pharmacy. Lavinet makes the Pharma PLUS pharmacies the most competitive in the market. Lavinet is the only program in Greece that informs pharmacists for the parapharamceutical products that are sold nationwide, not only by name, but also with their barcode. It is also connected with robotic storage and retrieval system, as well as with portable terminal capable of selling, receiving, inventorying and returning products.

Since, autumn 2014 Pharma PLUS inaugurated its health and beauty e-Shop, Reliability of Pharma PLUS pharmacies and the credibility of Lavipharm Group are competitive advantages of Moreover, easy navigation, simple purchases, integrated information, quick delivery, great variety of known – approved products, constitute key features of the Pharma PLUS e-shop.   


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