Our Corporate Social Responsibility plan focuses on Health and People. In our daily practices at Lavipharm, we have adopted a code that promotes human health and the improvement of the quality of life through the continuing education and training of health professionals.


In that context and according to article 66 par. 7a of Law 4316/2014, the pharmaceutical companies in Greece are obliged to publish, by name per each recipient, every transfer of value provided to Healthcare Professionals (HCP) and Healthcare Organisations (HCO). Additionally, the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations’ (EFPIA) Disclosure Code and the Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies’ (SFEE) Disclosure Code require from their members to disclose the payments and transfer of values to Healthcare Professionals (HCP) and Healthcare Organisations (HCO).


On this page, are disclosed in aggregate the transfer of values of Lavipharm group to Healthcare Professionals (HCP) and the corresponding transfer of values to Healthcare Organisations (HCO) nominally.

The present disclosure aims to enhance the transparency of pharmaceutical companies’ relations with the HCP and HCO, as well as to defend the right of patients to know the relationship between the pharmaceutical companies and the scientific community.


It is noteworthy that this disclosure was made after the publication of the no. 5/2016 and 2/2017 Opinions of the Data Protection Association.


We reserve the right to keep up to date disclosure according to the final instructions of the relevant stakeholders.