Product Pipeline

Product Pipeline

Our Research activities never stop aiming always to the improvement of the quality of human life. In the Transdermal Drug Delivery System area, we develop nicotine Transdermal System (TDDS) for smoking cessation, while in the hypertension area, research has continued on the development of a TDDS for once-a-week administration. Moreover, research continued on the development of transdermal systems aimed at topical anesthesia and pain.


Various OTC products for the symptoms of common cold, oral hygiene, excessive excretion of shawl, as well as food supplements are also under development. We continued the development of product lines for “intensive care” such as anti-ageing products (against wrinkles, hyperpigmentation etc.).

Research Programs

We collaborate with many Research Institutes in Greece and abroad following closely the developments in the area of pharmaceutical research.

Intelectual Property

Our granted patent portfolio consists of a large number of patents covering the whole spectrum of our technologies and products, while many new patent applications are still under examination.

Examples of patents already approved are:


  • Transdermal therapeutic system containing oestradiol (for hormone replacement), in USA, Europe and elsewhere.
  • Use of a pharmaceutical substance for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men, in USA and Europe.
  • Use of a pharmaceutical substance for the treatment of sexual dysfunction in women, in USA and Europe.
  • Drug Delivery Systems based on Slow-DisTM technology, in USA.
  • Epidermal system against acne prone skin.
  • Systems based on the use of natural polymers.
  • Methods of processing substances, based on Supercritical Fluids.
  • Antioxidant and cyto-protective properties of olives, olive special extracts, olive components and olive oil production wastewater, in Greece and USA.


Moreover, many patent applications are still under evaluation worldwide.