Who we are

Health. Innovation. People

Established in 1911, Lavipharm is today an integrated group of companies engaged in the research, development, manufacturing, import, marketing and sales, wholesaling and 3PL of pharmaceutical and healthcare products in Greece, with a strong international activity.


Our key features:

▪ Strong global player in pharmaceutical technologies with expertise on transdermal drug delivery systems
▪ Focus on international expansion
▪ Partner of choice for major international pharmaceutical and consumer health companies in Greece and abroad
▪ An innovator in specialty pharmacy services establishing a dynamic network across Greece
▪ Well-positioned for short, medium and long term growth

Our Culture & Values

Our Vision

Lavipharm is a dynamic, international healthcare company,  driven by creativity and innovation, always striving to provide access to improved healthcare solutions.


Our Mission

For us, the development in new business environment is synonymous with the vision, constant vigilance, courage and constant search for quality and innovation.


Our Strategy

Our strategy is based on the increase of our productivity, the emphasis on research and development of innovative products, our partnerships, on our international presence and on the enhancement of our competitive advantages.

Aiming at the continuous growth of our company, we proceed with careful planning at all necessary actions in order to consolidate our leading position and strengthen our commercial presence in the Greek market, and at the same time to be established on the international arena as an important player and partner of first choice for large multinational pharmaceutical companies.


Our Philosophy

Our company is a model business group with ecological function on our premises and with the best working conditions for our employees. Our scientists create innovative products that are marketed throughout the world, not only by Lavipharm, but also in cooperation with multinational pharmaceutical giants. Lavipharm’s soul is our workforce at all levels of hierarchy. Both health professionals, but also our suppliers are valuable allies for us in our daily work, and we consider them as our partners. All of our actions became real through the management team which plans carefully and with insight all subsequent steps of our company.