Board Committees

Board Committees

Board Committees

Lavipharm has established, as per its Board of Directors’ Resolutions (No. 854 / 16.3.2009), Board Committees, which assist the tasks of the Board of Directors and ensure the objectivity and reliability of its decisions.


Audit Committee

The mission of the Audit Committee is to provide ongoing support to the Board of Directors in the exercise of its oversight responsibilities and to meet its obligations to Shareholders, the investment community and third parties, in particular with regard to the financial reporting process.

The Audit Committee is appointed by the Company’s Annual Shareholders Meeting and consists of three (3) members, an independent non-executive and a non-executive board member and an independent third party.


  1. Antonis Polykandriotis, Chairman
  2. Christos Diamandopoulos, Member
  3. Dimitrios Christopoulos, Member


Antonis Polykandriotis

President of the Audit Committee

He has studied Business Administration at the “Athens University of Economics and Business” and “La Verne University”, in Athens, and has attended plenty of professional training courses and seminars in Greece and abroad.

He has extensive professional experience in Greek and multinational companies, in a wide range of management positions with emphasis on business organization, finance and administration issues.

During his professional career, he served as General Manager of “Hachette-Rizzoli” Magazines and “Eleftherotypia” newspaper, CFO of “Hachette-Rizzoli” Magazines and “Golden Eggs” Group of Companies, chartered auditor at the Chartered Accountants Greece (SOL) and as freelance Business Consultant. In 2021, he was elected President of Lavipharm’s Audit Committee as  third independent person. 

Remuneration and Nomination Committee 

The Remuneration and Nomination Committee assists and advises the Board of Directors and Corporate Management in issues relating to attracting, retaining, developing and motivating executives and employees of the highest professional and moral caliber at Lavipharm. Moreover, it assists in the development of a corporate culture founded on fairly evaluating effort and rewarding performance, the establishment and maintenance of a coherent system of values and incentives for the employees’ development throughout the organization.  

The Committee consists of three (3) non executive members of the Board, two of them being independent non executive members. 


  1. Sophia Kounenaki Efraimoglou, Chairman 
  2. Christos Diamandopoulos, Member
  3. Dimitrios Christopoulos, Member 




During 2019, Remuneration and Nomination Committee’s Charter has been updated. 


 Lavipharm, as per its relevant Board Resolutions and in compliance with Article 17 of Law 4706/2020, is adopting and following the Hellenic Corporate Governance Code (June 2021) issued by the Hellenic Corporate Governance Council (HCGC).  The Code does not impose obligations, but explains how to adopt good practices and facilitates the formulation of corporate governance policies and practices that will meet the specific conditions of each company. The Hellenic Corporate Governance Code (June 2021) replaces the Hellenic Corporate Governance Code for listed companies that was issued in 2013 by the HCGC. 


Hellenic Corporate Governance Code (June 2021)