Career in Lavipharm

Career in Lavipharm

Human Resourses

The significance our Group places on the ‘human factor’ constitutes a considerable competitive advantage and the cornerstone of our success. The emphasis on the quality of our human resources is also what secures the Group’s growth and recognition in the long term.


The selection of staff at all levels is done according to strict criteria and always on the basis of skills, willingness for teamwork and commitment to our vision and objectives.


Moreover, we pursue a policy of continuous training for our employees and provide financial and moral incentives for high performance, as well as opportunities for career advancement.

Our Values

Our Human Resources Department enforces and promotes a healthy environment inside the company, embracing our people in all areas and levels. Collaboration between the employees, team spirit, creativity and optimum productivity contribute to the corporate growth and development.

Our major challenge is the implementation of our commitment to attract, develop and retain top talent in a way that increases employee loyalty, customer satisfaction and shareholder returns. We see to the continuous upgrade of the workplace cultivating the competencies and encouraging the initiatives of our employees. The HR agenda includes training and development, motivation, management and organization development, in addition to all standard HR processes, like benefits, hiring, compensation, and employment law compliance.

Why choose Lavipharm

Τhe promotion of teamwork spirit and the creation of a sense of trust and confidence within the workplace have made our company a first choice for those seeking employment in the pharmaceutical industry.

For our personnel is a key driver for all these efforts of continuous progress and development. Our social policy towards our employees, additionally to those required by law, allocates important resources for:

– Free transport to and from the workplace.

– Subsidized meals in Lavipharm’s 300 square meter restaurant

– Blood bank in collaboration with Ippokratio Hospital of Athens.

– Working hazard prevention program through a Technical Assurance Team.

Our goal is to remain an employer of choice, constantly winning the most important recognition: Our employees deep trust to the company.