Tilman Elimin Intense – Get slim with the power of natural ingredients

Tilman Elimin Intense – Get slim with the power of natural ingredients


Focusing on quality, safety and efficacy, Lavipharm launches in the Greek pharmacy market a slimming food supplement based on herbal ingredients, Elimin INTENSE by Tilman.

Elimin INTENSE contains 2 different compositions in 2 types of capsules: for day and night, for a 24-hour action.

Day capsule

With extracts of green coffee, green tea, dry fennel and birch solids, the day capsule acts as fat combatant offering sliming action at thighs, buttocks and the waistline.

Green tea contains catechins*, making it a source of wellness, but also an important “weapon” in the battle against excess body weight. The green coffee beans are rich in chlorogenic acid which inhibits the absorption of sugars. It enhances fat metabolism, helps to produce energy, reduces glucose absorption and increases calorie burning. Fennel eases digestion due to its digestive and sedative factors. With birch, toxins are excreted from the human body.

Night capsule

The night capsule, received before bedtime, contains in its composition caskara and balm dry extracts, and inulin, ingredients with calming and relaxing effects that regulate proper intestinal function.

Caskara favours intestinal transit. The prebiotic inulin is isolated from the root of chicory and develops friendly bacteria in the intestine. Balm is antispasmotic and helps with digestion. It has relaxing and calmative properties.

Elimin INTENSE, based on these natural ingredients, combined with a balanced diet, helps for an ideal body weight. In Greece, it is distributed exclusively in pharmacies by Lavipharm.

Lavipharm is an integrated Group engaged in the research, development, manufacturing, marketing, sales, wholesaling, distribution, and retailing of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and consumer health products in Greece with a strong international activity.

*Catechins accelerate thermogenesis (burning calories) and fat oxidation. It balances the levels of body fat. Laboratory and clinical studies indicate that catechins reduce visceral fat, which leads to “belly flattening” effect.