Pharma PLUS- The most integrated pharmacy network in Greece marks steady rising course

Pharma PLUS- The most integrated pharmacy network in Greece marks steady rising course


The 10th Pan-Hellenic Conference of Pharma PLUS was held in Karditsa recently, where more than 90 attendees – members of the network participated. Today, the Pharma PLUS network lists 88 pharmacies, which in 2010 marked an increase in sales of 14.4% in nutritional supplements and 4.5% in parapharmaceuticals. They also had significantly better results in the prescription sector compared to the rest of the market that declined by 12.6% due to the decrease of their prices.

During the 2-day workshop, the strategy already in action in 2011 was presented. As always, it is focused on the development of the network, and of each pharmacy separately, in order to help pharmacies operate as a profitable business unit. In this context, important announcements were made regarding exclusive cooperations achieved by Pharma PLUS with major multinational companies for the sales of their products. These agreements are a concrete sign of Pharma PLUS credibility in the market, which since 2002 has been working methodically towards building trustworthy relationships with the pharmacists and keeping up as the most integrated network of pharmacies in Greece.

Also, creative marketing activities scheduled for 2011 were a point of discussion. The pharmacy becomes more competitive compared to other distribution channels of health and beauty products, and enhances the consumers’ purchasing power by offering them special prices and promotions. In addition, another major issue regarding the attraction of new consumers was presented for the first time at the 10th Conference. It is the Code of Operation, which highlights the obligations of the employees towards the pharmacy, but also the pharmacist’s behavior towards its employees. Following this Code, employees will be guidelined and regularly evaluated, in order to improve their communication skills and thus achieve excellent customer service.

Regarding the use of technology, LAVINET is now even more upgraded with complete information for each code, assisting the pharmacist in his everyday work. The advanced LAVINET is the only complete record of parapharmaceutical products in the Greek market with product descriptions, barcodes, and actual market prices for more than 80,000 codes.

Pharma PLUS’s, new site,, which was launched recently, was welcomed with enthusiasm by the pharmacists. Visits have already reached 1,200, while the online applications for the + pluscard exceeded all expectations. In the Conference, the + pluscard for health and beauty attracted the interest of the attendees. It will soon be used for services other than buying products at the pharmacies. Thus, the consumers will benefit more and the pharmacists will further enhance their client list. Posted a 30% increase in 2010, the number of cardholders of the + pluscard and amounts to 105,000 active members nationwide.

Finally, in order to modernize the network’s pharmacies, new proposals were presented regarding the improvement of equipment in affordable prices.