New cooperation between Lavipharm & Pfizer. Pfizer Hellas markets Lavipharm’s Dolfen in Greece

New cooperation between Lavipharm & Pfizer. Pfizer Hellas markets Lavipharm’s Dolfen in Greece

New cooperation between Lavipharm & Pfizer. Pfizer Hellas markets Lavipharm’s Dolfen in Greece

The product will be promoted by Pfizer’s sales force and will be marketed under Lavipharm’s trademark Dolfen. Lavipharm already markets the product in Greece since 2007 under the brand name Fentadur.

Both Fentadur and Dolfen are manufactured and packaged in Lavipharm’s plant in Peania. It is the second product for which the two companies are cooperating. Since August 2008, Pfizer Hellas markets in Greece Trinipatch, Lavipharm’s nitroglycerin patch for the treatment of coronary artery disease and heart failure. Lavipharm’s fentanyl transdermal delivery system, developed by its research laboratories in the USA, is a small, thin and easy to adhere patch for the management of chronic pain. It is designed to deliver the analgesic substance fentanyl safely and effectively through the skin. This three-day patch provides continuous relief from moderate-to-severe pain, such as that of cancer. Pfizer will market all four dosage forms of the product, i.e. 25μg/h, 50μg/h, 75μg/h and 100μg/h.

Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems (TDDS) are one of the pharmaceutical technologies, in which Lavipharm Laboratories Inc., the Groups’ subsidiary in the US, is actively and successfully engaged. TDDSs are placed on the skin and allow specific drug substances to penetrate into the bloodstream through the layers of the skin. This controlled delivery has many benefits compared to other forms, but most importantly, it offers safety and a better quality of life to the patient.

The Chairman and CEO of Lavipharm, Dr. Athanase Lavidas, said: “Our existing cooperation with Pfizer allowed for the development of a longterm strategic alliance. The fact that Lavipharm’s fentanyl patch will be marketed by a large research company, like Pfizer, has a great value for us. It certifies once again our efforts and achievements in the research and development area, and it is tangible proof of our longterm evolution and justified position on the global pharmaceutical map.”

Ms. Katerina Karella, Pfizer Hellas’ President and Managing Director, commented on the cooperation with Lavipharm: “We are very satisfied with this partnership, which was based on our prior experience with Lavipharm as a company of both quality and consistency. It also reconfirms Pfizer Hellas’ goal to cooperate with reliable Greek companies with the objective to offer integrated pharmaceutical solutions to Greek patients”.

Lavipharm, founded in 1911, is an integrated Group of companies engaged in the research, development, production, import, marketing, sales and provision of logistics services of pharmaceutical, dermocosmetic and healthcare products in Greece with a strong international presence. Lavipharm S.A., the mother company, is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE: LAVI) since November 1995. In Greece, it offers products developed in-house and high level services not only to the pharmacist but the consumer as well. Internationally, it cooperates for the marketing and sales of its product portfolio with the largest pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies in the world. For more information, please visit Lavipharm’s website at