A portal for all of us interested in health and beauty issues –

A portal for all of us interested in health and beauty issues –


A new live website dedicated to health, beauty and wellness was recently launched., owned by Pharma PLUS, not only promotes corporate services to pharmacists, but also serves as an information portal. With a modern design and information-rich material, is positioned as a modern pharmacy, where the visitor is informed on current issues such as anti-aging, hair loss, sun protection, acne, hydration, weight loss, nutritional supplements, etc.

The virtual pharmacy video offers to the visitor a fascinating tour in an iconic pharmacy, where all new trends in architecture and category management are integrated. In the site, someone can find the exact locations of the Pharma PLUS pharmacies in Greece by checking on an interactive map. It also provides useful information on first aid, the indices of biochemical tests and body mass. Moreover, informs visitors about pharmacies that are on day/night call not only those of the Pharma PLUS network, but across Attica and Thessaloniki as well.

But what is innovative about the Pharma PLUS website is an interactive open dialogue between the consumer and the pharmacists of the network, simply and easily by completing the form “Ask your pharmacist”. It also provides all necessary information regarding the +pluscard. The +pluscard is the first health and beauty card that was launched in the Greek pharmaceutical market, which can be found exclusively in the Pharma PLUS network. The +plus card is not a credit card, it is a loyalty card which rewards purchases of health and beauty products from Pharma PLUS’ pharmacies.

As for the pharmacists, the website provides detailed information on services offered by Pharma PLUS. Moreover, the link “Why choose Pharma PLUS” hosts the views of the pharmacists regarding their preference of being a member of the network and benefit from it. Visit today and get informed immediately and accurately for all the developments in health and beauty. By Pharma PLUS.