Research & Development

We have invested in unique and differentiating pharmaceutical technologies that position us well among the strong players of the industry. Our core strategy is to use our technologies and scientific expertise in key areas of drug formulation to add value to, and improve the profitability of, drug development evolution, as well as to drugs currently marketed.

Thus, in collaboration with major pharmaceutical companies worldwide we market globally innovative products both in medicine and in dermocosmetic field.


Our most known international product is Trinipatch®, a nitroglycerine transdermal delivery system indicated for the prevention of angina. Until today, it is successfully marketed in Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, and Canada under different brand names. We have the approval to market the product in other countries as well.


The most recent pharmaceutical product added in the Company’s portfolio, developed by our in-house R&D in the USA, is a fentanyl transdermal system. The product is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the US and has received additional regulatory approvals in 20 European countries, where is expected to be marketed based on signed agreements. At the moment, the product is marketed in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, UK, Ireland, Italy, Greece and S. Korea.


Another international product is an epidermal patch for acne prone skin that was created in our laboratories and was marketed by L’OREAL in more than 40 countries.


For more information please contact: researchdevelopment@lavipharm.com