Tilman Calmiderm by Lavipharm – Shield against irritations and bites

Tilman Calmiderm by Lavipharm – Shield against irritations and bites



Lavipharm launches in the Greek market Calmiderm by Tilman, a cream that soothes the skin from bites, redness, grazes, light burns, heat or cold.

Contact with nature is intensified during the summer period and the chances of irritations caused by insects, jellyfish and plants are rising. Calmiderm offers relief:

• Bites by insects and jellyfish,

• Skin irritation after contact with plants,

• Itching or other skin symptoms caused by allergies.

Calmiderm contains in its composition a unique combination of herbal agents such as chamomile, lavender essential oil, calendula and menthol. Chamomile calms the skin from irritation and swelling while providing anti-inflammatory action. Calendula functions protectively and sooths the skin in case of insect bites, jellyfish or irritation from plants. The lavender essential oil calms irritated skin and helps in its regeneration. Nettle helps detoxing while the hydrating emulsion that is included is suitable for dry and irritated skin. Finally, menthol offers a pleasant cooling sensation.

Calmiderm is absorbed without leaving any greasiness. It rejuvenates the skin and provides hydration giving elasticity, while at the same time it is suitable for dry and atopic skin. It has a pleasant aroma and does not leave stains. It is a multipurpose cream, suitable for every season, ideal for children.

In Greece, Calmiderm is launched by Lavipharm exclusively in pharmacies in a convenient 40g tube package.

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