Social Product

Social Product

Our most significant contribution to Society is by default our activity in the research and development of pharmaceutical technologies. New drug delivery methods that enhance patient compliance, reduce side effects, facilitate drug delivery, contribute to the success of the pharmaceutical treatment, fight polypharmacy and help the patient to have a normal life in essence, lead in a way to the improvement of the quality of human life.

This has been acknowledged not only in national level, but in European as well, we were enlisted in the top 1.000 business in the European Union that have invested important capital on the sector of Research and Development, according to the data by the European Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard.

Every year, we make a significant direct contribution to the economic figures of the country, the financing of insurance funds, as well as the increase of national income. Moreover, by purchasing from local suppliers, we contribute to the enhancement of nationwide business activity and the promotion of Greek companies abroad.

We develop our activities in the context of social responsibility practices. Therefore, we successfully integrate sustainable development in every business thinking and decision. The next challenge is to perform responsibly and to communicate these successes, both to our people and to third parties.