Pharma PLUS – Consumers are changing. Pharmacies?

Pharma PLUS – Consumers are changing. Pharmacies?


The conference, entitled “Pharmacy: Entrepreneurship & Health Communication”, aimed at pharmacists, assistants, sales and marketing companies executives and those who are active in the pharmacy area. It is estimated that it attracted over 2,000 visitors, representatives of the pharmaceutical market.

Pharma PLUS had a double participation with an exhibition booth which represented a virtual pharmacy and with presentations in the conference part. The theme of the speech, which was attended by over 200 pharmacists, was: “Consumers are changing. The pharmacies?” According to surveys, Greek customers are changing. More “suspicious” than ever, they begin to set new criteria for their purchases, rationalizing their choices, the way they manage their money and seeking for more reliable markets to buy products. Pharma PLUS, based on these researches, incorporates the new consumer trends for the benefit of modern pharmacy and devises tactics for:
• improving the profit margins,
• increasing profitability,
• correct product purchases and
• integrating d actions for the increase of sales and the attraction of new customers

Pharmacists who attended Pharma PLUS’s presentation enriched their knowledge on issues that contribute to the development of entrepreneurship, improve the quality of services to consumers, foster customer loyalty and overall reenforce the competitiveness of their own pharmacy.

During the meeting, Pharma PLUS presented its new, updated profile, which highlights the benefits of a pharmacist cooperating with the most integrated network of pharmacies in our country.

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