Over-subscription to Lavipharm’s share Capital Increase 26/09/2007

Over-subscription to Lavipharm’s share Capital Increase 26/09/2007

Lavipharm’s Share Capital Increase was successfully completed, with an over-subscription of 101% upon the demand of the total issued common shares.

The total funds raised amount to 37,721,376 Euros, which correspond to 11.787.930 new common shares. More specifically, 10.720.430 shares were covered by those who exercised their pre-emption rights. The remaining shares were covered at the offer price in priority by the participating employees of Lavipharm, as per the resolutions of the 1st Repeat Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting held on May 23rd and the Board of Directors Meeting held on September 25th and proportionately by those who exercised their over subscription rights.

Following the successful completion of the Share Capital Increase, Lavipharm’s Chairman & CEO Dr. Athanase Lavidas noted on behalf of the Board of Directors: “We are very content with the positive response of the investment community to the company’s decision to proceed to a Share Capital increase and we thank them all for their confidence, which motivates us to continue our work towards the achievement of the goals and business vision of Lavipharm”.

Lavipharm is an integrated Group that develops, manufactures, markets and distributes pharmaceutical, cosmetic and consumer health products in Greece with a strong international activity.