Lavipharm joins the Earth Hour

Lavipharm joins the Earth Hour


On Saturday, March 27th, all lights and electrical appliances at Lavipharm’s headquarters in Peania and at its subsidiaries in Patra, Kavala, Gianenna and Larissa will be turned off for one hour. Lavipharm, participating for the second time in the “Earth Hour”, takes this symbolic action against climate change and global warming due to human intervention.

In the context of its CSR plan, Lavipharm supports this global call to action that mainly concerns the change of perception and attitude towards the management of energy resources. Lights, signs, electrical appliances, PCs, printers will all be switched off, taking always into consideration all safety regulations. Sensible to environmental issues, Lavipharm has invested significant funds so that its premises and distribution centers operate according to the international standards of security (GMPs-GDPs) using advanced systems of complete soundproofing and applying procedures, such as biological cleaning of water, recycling, etc. to protect the environment.

Lavipharm is an integrated Group of companies engaged in the research, development, production, import, marketing, sales and wholesale of pharmaceutical, dermocosmetic and healthcare products in Greece with a strong international activity.

You can participate in the Earth Hour through the site

The Earth Hour

The Earth Hour started as a sensitizing campaign that invited the citizens of Sidney, Australia, to turn off the lights for one night for one hour. This act soon became one of the most important initiatives against climate change internationally. The true power of the message of the Earth Hour remains the participation of the most people.The Earth Hour is organized by WWF with the support of Greek Radio-TV (ERT).