LACTAL Vaginal Gel- Your “guardian” during your summer holidays

LACTAL Vaginal Gel- Your “guardian” during your summer holidays


Modern woman’s lifestyle requires daily hygiene for her sensitive area. Dress habits, such as tight clothing and underwear, swimming in a pool and active sexual life, increase the risk factors of pathogenic bacteria growth.

The vagina has a normal defense system against microbes, lactobacilli (Lactic acid bacteria). Lactobacilli constitute 80% of normal microbial flora of the vagina. Lactobacilli use glycogen, abundant in the vaginal area, and produce lactic acid, which conserves the acidic environment of the vagina, thus preventing the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. As a result, symptoms such as irritation, itching and dryness in the sensitive area, are prevented.

LACTAL vaginal gel, counting more than 18 years of clinical experience, has a composition of lactic acid and glycogen.

LACTAL is ideal for:

– Maintaining the normal pH of the vagina,

– Offering relief of effectively unpleasant odors,

– Controlling abnormal secretions

– Treating bacterial vaginosis in combination with drug therapy

– Balancing the vagina pH during an antibiotic treatment.

LACTAL’s clinical studies prove its safety. It can be used proactively by women of all ages, including pregnancy and postpartum periods. It is also recommended during menopause, as it treats vaginal dryness.

LACTAL is sold exclusively in pharmacies by Lavipharm, in a package of 7 containers.

Lavipharm is an integrated group of companies engaged in the research, development, production, import, marketing, sales and provision of logistics services of pharmaceutical, dermocosmetic and healthcare products in Greece with a strong international presence.