Helioderm is beautiful sun protected skin – New baby products for sun protection by HELIODERM of Castalia

Helioderm is beautiful sun protected skin – New baby products for sun protection by HELIODERM of Castalia


CASTALIA LABORATOIRES DERMATOLOGIQUES by Lavipharm launches new products by HELIODERM for very high and high skin protection, especially for infants and children.

HELIODERM new suncare products, thanks to their qualified formulas, provide solutions to the needs of modern mother for multi-protection of infant and child sensitive skin. Without fragrance and parabens and with tanActine ingredient, HELIODERM infant and children’s sun protection products combine moisturizing and soothing agents, strengthen the defense mechanism of the skin and protect against irritation.

For high protection

HELIODERM launches, especially for infants and children, Helioderm Fluide Naturel SPF30 sunscreen cream and Helioderm Lait Naturel SPF30, the face – body lotion for high sun protection all year round. With the component Helioguard 365, protect against photo-aging and premature aging, while with Vitamin E fight free radicals. They contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which are 100% natural mineral filters and block sunlight from reaching the skin.

For very high protection

For children 3 years +, HELIODERM proposes Helioderm Spray Sans Parfum SPF50 +, a transparent, non-greasy sun protection product for face and body. Exclusively sold in pharmacies it is available in economy package of 200ml, covering the needs for sun protection for the whole family. The filter system Tinosorb M ® & S ® of Helioderm Spray Sans Parfum SPF50 + protects against UVA and UVB rays, since it absorbs, diffuses and reflects solar radiation.

HELIODERM products of very high and high protection by CASTALIA respond to the demands of parents for safe protection from harmful solar rays both in infancy and childhood, is specially designed to minimize allergies, easy to implement, efficient and water-resistant.

Find the baby and children’s sunscreen HELIODERM exclusively in pharmacies with small boat as their trademark. Recommended by dermatologists.

CASTALIA LABORATOIRES DERMATOLOGIQUES is focused on Health, dedicated to Beauty, and backed by Science. With “more than 20 years of expertise in the biology of the skin”, CASTALIA offers quality skin care product lines for care and treatment of the skin ideal for all ages. All CASTALIA products are hypoallergic, non comedogenic, dermatologically and clinically tested.

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