My skin is very sensitive, which dermocosmetic line should I use?

Castalia’s Sensial line is recommended for those with sensitive skin that need hydration. It is ideal for every skin type and doesn’t cause irritations or red spots. Sensial is also ideal for non-tolerant skin. Consult your dermatologist for more information.

Which age group is recommended for the use of Castalia’s Dermopur line?

The Dermopur line is ideal for oily and acne prone skin. It may be used during teenage years when the first acne problems begin. Dermopur is also recommended for adults with oily and acne prone skin. For more information, consult your dermatologist.

For which age groups are dermocosmetics for anti-aging care recommended?

Prevention is always preferable to suppression. In most cases specialists recommend the use of anti-aging products from the age of 30 when the skin needs more support. It is best if you consult your dermatologist.

Can I buy dermocosmetics without a doctor’s prescription?

Lavipharm’s dermocosmetics are sold exclusively in pharmacies and may be bought without a doctor’s prescription. Castalia products are also recommended by dermatologists.

Where can I find Lavipharm products?

All Lavipharm products are sold exclusively in pharmacies. They include pharmaceuticals, dermocosmetics, over the counter (OTC) and parapharmaceuticals, such as gauzes, injections, manometers etc.

What kind of research does Lavipharm specialize in?

Through its Research and Development Centers, Lavipharm focuses its research on specialized pharmaceutical technology such as Supercritical Fluid Technology, and innovative drug delivery systems. Its research facilities in Greece, France and the USA cooperate with Universities and Research Institutes worldwide.

What pharmaceutical products does Lavipharm have?

Lavipharm has a great range of pharmaceutical products that provide solutions for many diseases. These products are all prescription drugs and cover the following categories: Asthma, dermatological, gastrointestinal, neurological, cardiological, general medicine and pain management treatment.

Is Lavipharm a Greek company?

Lavipharm is a Greek Group that established its operations in 1911. Today it is one of the largest Groups in the healthcare sector in Greece with establishments not only in Greece but also in France, Cyprus and the USA.

What are the activities the Lavipharm Group is involved in?

The Lavipharm Group is the largest integrated pharmaceutical Group of companies in Greece. It is active in the healthcare sector and specifically in Research and Development, manufacturing, import, marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and consumer health products in Greece and internationally.