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OBLIGATION OF SHAREHOLDERS AND OTHER LIABLE PERSONS TO INFORM THE COMPANY AND THE CAPITAL MARKET COMMISSION IN ACCORDANCE WITH LAW 3556/2007 LAVIPHARM SA, with a purpose of facilitating and informing its Shareholders and investors provides information about the disclosure obligations established by the provisions of articles...

Peania, November 13th2019 Η Lavipharm S.A. announces that as of today, November 13th 2019, Mr. Panagiotis Giannouleas, an experienced executive in the pharmaceutical market, assumes the responsibilities of Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Country Manager. ...

Lavipharm S.A. announces that, as of September 6th  2019, Mr. Antonis Vogiatzis, who held the position of General Manager, is no longer with the company....

Dr. Athanase Lavidas, Chairman and CEO, 3.378.583 shares amounting to 10.811.465,60 euros, Lavipharm Group Holdings SA, 2.576.588 shares, amounting to 8.245.081,60 euros, Mrs. Tania- Panagiota Vranopoulos, Counselor & Executive Member of the BoD, 27.279 shares amounting to 87.292,80 euros, Mr. Spyros Fotinos, Executive Member of...

Lavipharm's Share Capital Increase was successfully completed, with an over-subscription of 101% upon the demand of the total issued common shares. The total funds raised amount to 37,721,376 Euros, which correspond to 11.787.930 new common shares. More specifically, 10.720.430 shares were covered by those who exercised...

Lavipharm S.A., following today's meeting of the Athens Exchange (ATHEX) which approved the import of 39.293.100 pre-emption rights on the Company's shares, is in the process of Increasing its Share Capital by approximately euro 37.7 million. The ex-rights date for the existing shareholders' is Monday, September...