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The 10th Pan-Hellenic Conference of Pharma PLUS was held in Karditsa recently, where more than 90 attendees - members of the network participated. Today, the Pharma PLUS network lists 88 pharmacies, which in 2010 marked an increase in sales of 14.4% in nutritional supplements and 4.5% in parapharmaceuticals. They also had significantly better results in the prescription sector compared to the rest of the market that declined by 12.6% due to the decrease of their prices.
Principles of Corporate Governance
For our company's management responsible corporate governance is a magor fact for creating value for shareholders and safeguard the corporate interest. The corporate governance principles and practices reflected in the Statute, the Internal Regulations and other policies that are governing the various functions of our company.

The parent company, listed at Athens Stock Exchange, apply the principles and specific practices for listed companies under the Code of Corporate Governance (Code) drawn up and adopted on the initiative of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV), which is posted onΙKO_JAN2011.pdf and observes the provisions of the exemptions and variances listed in the Corporate Governance statement.

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