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The 10th Pan-Hellenic Conference of Pharma PLUS was held in Karditsa recently, where more than 90 attendees - members of the network participated. Today, the Pharma PLUS network lists 88 pharmacies, which in 2010 marked an increase in sales of 14.4% in nutritional supplements and 4.5% in parapharmaceuticals. They also had significantly better results in the prescription sector compared to the rest of the market that declined by 12.6% due to the decrease of their prices.

Global awareness on environmental issues has changed dramatically the last years. Greeks have realized the irreversible consequences that resulted by human intervention against nature on the benefit of urbanization. We are committed to pursuit environmental sustainable development. Our approach to environmental issues is based on life cycle thinking and the principles of eco-efficiency, covering the environmental impact of its activities and products. The life cycle of products begins with the extraction of raw materials and ends with recycling, waste treatment and the reintroduction of materials into the economic system. Our activities focus on reducing energy consumption and optimizing recycling.

We respect the natural environment and procures for our protection. We have invested in order to eliminate all negative effects of our production activities. We have installed recycle systems for chemicals and raw materials. Also, we have invested in water recirculation. Waste is processed by biological cleaning and recycling. This water is then used in many other functions. In addition, we use systems for noise emissions in our production lines.

At the same time, we have invested significant funds for the elimination of noise from our sophisticated air-condition units that are necessary for the controlled temperature of sensitive pharmaceutical products. With social sensitivity and respect to the environment, we support cartridges recycling of printers and copy machines, battery recycling, recycling of cans and plastic bottles in employee’s cafeteria, working closely with the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation.
Our main principle is to integrate environmental concerns into the daily work cycle.


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